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Mainsoft SharePoint Integrator for Lotus Notes | Mashups & Services

Enhance business processes by integrating SharePoint data with Domino, Lotus, and Java applications.

Mainsoft’s SharePoint®-Java integration experts can deliver workflow applications that integrate SharePoint documents, profiles, or tasks with Domino®, Lotus Notes®, and Java applications, without the expense of recoding each on a common platform.
The workflow applications are built using Mainsoft’s SharePoint Integrator platform. Pictured below, the platform includes a SharePoint Integration Services layer that abstracts Web services communications with the SharePoint Server.

Mainsoft’s SharePoint Integration Platform.
The SharePoint Integration Services are used programmatically to customize Mainsoft SharePoint Integrator software in order to integrate SharePoint content with Domino and Lotus Notes applications. As seen below, a sample workflow application for call center representatives retrieves SharePoint documents related to a customer contact when a user selects the customer's name, either in their Lotus Notes Contacts application or in a Domino-based Customer Forum.
Mainsoft’s services team can also customize Mainsoft SharePoint Integrator to support configurations that are not available out-of-the-box. Contact for details.

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